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Mia Sparrow

Mia Sparrow

Graphic and Web Designer

Personal Statement

I believe what sets me aside from other candidates is that I have both creative and technical strengths, and as I have always been interested in pursuing something that compliments both I know that since entering the Web Design industry, that I have found something that suits my aptitudes to a tee. This means I enjoy the entire process of Web Design, from creating a unique design and feel to figuring out how best to develop and produce that design into a finished product.
I take great pleasure in making a website look both beautiful and engaging, while also functioning cleanly and efficiently, by keeping in mind the users experience and interaction. I take pride in my attention to detail, whether it be ensuring my code is written precisely and methodically, or creating my own custom graphics, guaranteeing each of my websites is uniquely tailored to the clients desires and users needs.
I also enjoy organising, problem solving and thinking on my feet, and due to the variety of work experience I’ve had prior to Web Design I have acquired a wide range of expertise. Namely my work in finance and the accounting course I’ve completed, meaning I can therefore understand the commercial aspects of any site I am designing.
I am a fast learner and always eager to master a new skill, especially in an industry that is constantly growing and evolving.


THE MINIMART, London – Senior Front End Developer

Aug 2016 – Current

Duties and Skills included:


As well as all the duties and skills outlined in my previous position, currently being the sole member of the digital team has meant I’ve had to branch out and take on more responsibility to fulfil my role within the agency.
This has primarily meant being the digital and technical consultant on all projects that required my knowledge and guidance. Whether it be ensuring images being taken on a photoshoot are correct for the website in question and will work responsively, or advising on the best hosting packages to meet our agency’s and client’s needs, I have enjoyed contributing where I can and being involved on all our projects in different ways.
I have especially enjoyed putting my UX knowledge to good use, as I have had to advise on a number of projects, most of which required thorough assessments, analysis and recommendations to ensure our clients were given the best possible result.
As the digital and technical consultant it has also meant that it is my responsibility to ensure everyone, most importantly our clients, have a full understanding of every process and our role within it. This has meant often being client facing which has given me a chance to build and refine my sales, presentation and training skills.

LAUNCHSITE, Cape Town – Senior Graphic and Web Designer

Nov 2014 – Jul 2016

Duties and Skills included:

  • Thorough knowledge of the inner workings WordPress
  • Broad plugin library knowledge
  • Ensuring a site is strongly protected from potential security threats
  • Ensuring a site is protected from potential spam
  • Ensuring a site has basic SEO setup
  • Very strong HTML and CSS skills
  • Basic PHP and JavaScript
  • Very strong troubleshooting capabilities, especially within code
  • Ensuring all code was written cleanly and efficiently, allowing others to understand and edit if need be
  • Ensuring a websites images and graphics are optimised for fast loading speed
  • Tailoring a theme/creating a child theme using custom code to present a site that is unique
  • Ensuring a website is functional and responsive across all platforms using @media queries
  • Responsibility of comfortably moving a site to its final domain, either from a staging domain or localhost (E.g. MAMP)
  • Working well within FTP programs such as Filezilla
  • Working confidently within phpMyAdmin and MySQL
  • Building design briefs from clients needs and specifications
  • Ensuring a design/website is UX friendly in accordance with user research
  • Ensuring a design/website is UI friendly in accordance with the clients needs
  • Ensuring any design theme is consistent throughout the website
  • Ensuring any layout is clear and simple while still be eye-catching and inviting
  • Keeping informed of current trends and new design ideas for inspiration
  • Advising clients of current trends to ensure their website doesn’t appear outdated
  • Very strong capabilities in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Final Cut Pro
  • Creating vector graphics if required, such as logos and custom icons, using Illustrator and/or Photoshop
  • Creating brand images if required, such as adverts and leaflets for printing purposes, using InDesign, Illustrator and/or Photoshop
  • Creating animated banner adverts in all varied/required dimensions, using Photoshop or Google Web Designer
  • Editing compiling videos from raw footage
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Forming, building and maintaining client relationships
  • Finding solutions to offer to clients if there are limitations, such as budget
  • Ensuring all deadlines are met, by both myself, my team and the client
  • Overseeing, assisting and teaching all juniors
  • Ensuring all payments due by the client are paid promptly
  • Keeping organised and efficient records of all media and content used for a site
  • Keeping backed up copies of all site files and databases
  • Possessing strong organisational and time management skills
  • Comfortable building relationships at all levels
  • Ability to deal with unexpected changes and initiative to solve problems independently

Reference available upon request


  • WordPress 95%
  • CSS 98%
  • HTML 94%
  • FTP, phpMyAdmin & MySQL 88%
  • JavaScript & jQuery 60%
  • PHP 40%
  • Photoshop 90%
  • Illustrator 82%
  • InDesign 60%
  • Final Cut Pro 60%


Education & Qualifications



2007 - 2010:

University of the West of England (UWE)

Multimedia Computing (BSc) (3 of 4 years)


2004 - 2006:

Stowe School

A Levels (Maths, Further Maths & Design Technology)


1999 - 2004:

Ibstock Place School





Friends of Design

4 Month Web Publishing Course
(UX & UI Design, HTML5/CSS3/RWD, JavaScript & jQuery, CMS)


2014 - 2015:

The Business School at Varsity College

1 Year ICB Bookkeeping Course

Personal Information

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